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About Chavstar

Chavstar web proxies blog is a unique and free service that provides you with a list of working web proxies (and other methods of visiting sites). The main mission of is to let people find out how they can access websites that their workplace, school, uni, college, isp, admin or network may have blocked. Companies often filter out websites (especially social network sites like, and a lot of flash/java arcade game websites) for obvious reasons. But we all know sometimes you just want to kick back and have half an hour of fun! So you can use the proxies that we list (and they're almost all very new so you know they probably won't be blocked themselves) to ensure that you can get around school/work etc filters.

Some of the common methods that companies/schools/work places use to stop you from viewing a website is to use a firewall filter, website blocker, site filtering software or other similar method. Using proxies you can get around this, and we list the best website proxies for you to use.

One of the best uses of an internetproxy is also to see pages and sites as if you are in a different country. Some sites keep some content secret to some viewers, so by using a free hidden proxy you can get around that. A personal favourite use of mine is to use a web proxy to bypass rapidshare filters and unblock downloads. Use this site to find the latest and newest web proxies! Scroll up for content!